If you are looking for a group benefits plan, the Cornerstone Wealth Planning Team is focused on helping you by providing valuable tools to improve employee health and lower health care costs one employee at a time. We help employers get the most out of their employee benefit packages by creating unique solutions that reflect each company's culture and values. Your company is unique.  It’s important to understand why and build a package that reflects your priorities.  We take a proactive and innovative approach to create an affordable and flexible offering.

Group Benefits have changed significantly in the last 5-10 years.  There are more flexible and innovative approaches. Proactively building, managing and communicating your benefits program is key to its long term success.  Hiring the right consultant that focuses on a proactive approach based on your organization's health and historical data is as important as a price driven philosophy.  Focusing only on price is a bandaid solution. Finding an affordable plan, and coupling it with a proactive approach is the way to continue the program into the future.

Cornerstone Wealth Planning not only provides business owners with well designed solutions and peace of mind, we also expand the strength of your human resources team.  With the right package we will help you to:

  • Make sure you are getting value from the dollars you are spending on your benefits program
  • Educate your employees on their benefits and how to become smart consumers
  • Attract and retain your valued employees
  • Reward and recognize your key employees
  • Create tax effective solutions to properly compensate your workforce
  • Create a corporate policy around your benefit program
  • Focus on health and trends within your plan so you can get the most out of your workforce by decreasing absenteeism and increasing productivity and essentially profitability
  • Demonstrate the full value of what you provide to your team by total compensation statements
  • Create a streamlined and efficient solution minimizing your time spent managing the plan
  • Communicate the value of the plan to your employees


Cornerstone Wealth Planning will help you create a plan that...

1.    Is affordable and flexible

2.    Will ease your administration and process

3.    Will create an atmosphere of health and wellness

4.    Will focus on the health of your plan and employees

5.    Will proactively reduce and manage benefit costs and improve productivity and profitability

We also have a full team ready to assist with the rest of your corporate wealth building and protection needs.  Contact Jason Hare for more details!


We believe that by providing strategic benefit planning, focusing on the specific trends within an organization and by educating a workforce, we can deliver long-term cost management, improve employee health and productivity and provide customized communication resources that will improve the value of your benefit program, all the while protecting the employer and its employees.