We've provided some tools and resources to either start your work with us or expand your financial awareness. 


Image preview CBC Marketplace - Mortgage insurance: Not always a sure thing
(article posted Feb 6, 2008). 

Read this article and watch the video to discover why mortgage insurance through a bank is not always what you expect.
Image preview Family Budget - Income and Expenses Worksheet
Download and complete our family budget to see where you stand.
Image preview Financial Fitness Questionaire - 5 Key Questions to Consider
Download and complete our Financial Fitness Questionaire.
Image preview 5 Critical Financial Planning Tips for 20-Somethings
Here's an interactive slide show counting down five things 20-somethings can do today
to ensure they have the means to retire in style when the time comes.
Image preview

Health Care Crisis in Canada

Here are some thought-provoking resources and the recommended research for you to review in order to make an informed choice about your financial direction going forward.

Image preview

The Ultimate Gift Movie

A different way to look at leaving a legacy for your children or grandchildren. This film addresses materialism, values and will enrich your life with its key message

Contact our office to receive your copy of this wonderful film.

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Estate Planning Through Family Meetings

Ensure your family plans for the future without fighting! Use the steps in this book to plan ahead, hold meetings with your family, learn how to document the plan, and make it legal.

Contact our office to borrow a copy of this book from our Lending Library.


Investment Calculators

This site offers numerous financial calculators including RRSP, RESP and mortgage calculators.